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We Work As Pioneers for the Students around the Middle East

Qualified Writers has been established with the principal incentives of accentuating the academic needs of the students across the Middle East, offering them our expert hands, and supervising them throughout the process under the observation of a meticulous team of professional writers and researchers. Moreover, qualifiedwriters.ae is operating since 2007 as the premium academic writing service platform to sort out the problems of students from UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, etc. and the entire Middle East. The greatest accomplishment of our site is to produce such outstanding quality of the work that successfully meets the academic standards instilled in different universities of the Middle East. Having these aims in mind, we are helping the students steadfastly and conscientiously. Consequently, to receive the best academic writing service in Dubai or UAE, seek one and only, the Qualified Writers, and observe the huge and riveting difference it creates in your chaotic academic life.

We Are Connected With the Most Magnanimous Minds to Compose Decent Academic Papers for You

Qualified Writers has more than 500 writers and researchers who write brilliant academic papers for the students with 100% persistence and devotion. Additionally, all of the experts are subject-matter skilled writers who have a perfect command over all the domains. Moreover, stretching from Edexcel assignment to HND assignments, we own developed and systematized pattern of collaborating with the perfect writers and researchers who are sought out and selected after a determined and rigorous process. Adhering to the strict spurs, we operate to produce the finest outcomes in our domain and for this purpose; we take sheer pride in the pool of our experts incalculably. Do you want to know what is the procedure of hiring the writers and all about them? We see that you are keen to know, thus let’s dive below:

How do we hire our writers?

The system of hiring the writers is based on specific rules that help the HR team to choose only competent people. First of all, the writers have to go through a screening test gauged on their skills. Secondly, the selected group has to pass a proficiency test which is based on the particular domain. Thirdly, those who have passed the examination are interviewed and their academic documents including credentials, transcripts, degrees, and certificates are scrutinized professionally. After all the firm criteria, the writers have to undergo a demonstration process as well in which they have to present their previous writing tasks and produce some original work as a part of the specimen. On the whole, this procedure of hiring brainy people to work with us is quite demanding yet productive since in this manner it becomes feasible for us to choose the above and beyond writers for our site.

How do we assign the order to our writers?

Unlike other sites, we do not take the orders for granted since this is our greatest responsibility which we promise to carry out prosperously. Therefore, the orders which land on our site are taken great care of. They are first examined by the customer support team and then sent to the management for the further process. The nature of the order is strictly read, understood, and evaluated by the higher authorities of the site. Then after a detailed discussion, the order is sent to the most suitable and eligible writer whose qualification, expertise and level of precision match with the specifications of the order. In addition to this, one of the essential things that are the deadline is highly emphasized since it really matters for the customer to receive the work within the preferred deadline and so it does to us too. Henceforth, right after such a stable and consolidated procedure, the writers are assigned the orders which they have to submit within the deadline unerringly according to the requirements the order entails.

What do our writers assure you?

Our writers also have a planned strategy that they implement when working on any order. This follows in-depth researching, unearthing the latest information, digging into valuable e-books and resources such as journals, libraries, etc., and then outlining a proper framework of the order. Then comes preparing the initial draft which is also sent to the customer for approval or any edit it needs to have. Afterward, there go several steps of researching, writing, and analyzing the data along with mountains of labors and intellect at which our writers are highly deft. Apart from this, we allocate the writer according to the level of the order for instance, if the level of an order is masters, then that order would be handed over to the writer who holds the degree of masters and the same criteria goes with other levels of academics.

Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Additionally, we have other staff as well that constitute the customer support team, management and HR, QA support team and the technical team. All the members of the departments are skilled, efficient, and committed to their jobs. Therefore, when any customer asks us for academic writing help, we generate the best outcome for him with the bountiful assistance and allegiance of our team members. Should you need to inquire about the details of our staff, kindly chat with us and have all your queries cleared instantly since your success is our topmost primacy!

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